Monday, May 5, 2014


Yeah, I'm not quitting the blog game, just changing things up.  With my professional writing career on the rise, my foundation as well as my fanbase solidifying, I'm finding myself with less and less time to actually write blog posts.

At least from the viewpoint I was able to two years ago.

SO, here's the deal - instead of crafting 12 blog posts three times a week, let's just go to "when I do" status, and combine them into an omni-blog after all?

SO!  This particular blog, on it's own, is closing...but it'll stay here.  For the memories, for the clickbait (pffft), but above all as a reminder to myself where I started from, as a writer and a blogger and worse.

Catch ya when I catch ya!

~That Bastard From Bellingham

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Site Redesigns, Fundraisers, And Becoming A Writer - Oh My!


There is so much about it, though, that I honestly thought maybe I SHOULD just quit this blog and tell 'em to fuck off.

No, seriously, their UI sucks now.  It sucks so freaking hard!  I can only see one row of movies at a time WHAT A CROCK OF HORSE SHIT IS THIS?!

While I still may or may not pursue the idea of quitting Netflix (and, sadly, this blog), I would like to point out that I'm still watching movies on there, and have even begun to watch some of the T.V. shows they got on there too.

We'll see, we'll see.  I won't lie though - I'm closer to just keeping the Netflix and running the blog than not.  So there's that, at least.

If Netflix does one more thing to piss me off, though, I might have to say goodbye and turn this into Crunchyroll This or Hulu This, or whateverthehellisn'tNetflixaffiliated.

So.  Now that I got THAT outta my system, I'm slowly but surely achieving my dream of becoming a real author, published on my own and everything.  But there's still more - I need to raise a single grand, $1000, in order to help cover the cost of badly-needed displays, the table at Portland City Comic-Con, seed money for books to sell at the Comic-Con.

I'm a piss-poor, broke-assed artist, and compared to others (who claim they need anywhere from 5-20K in order to handle their business) it's actually a pretty frugal goal, but it's one I need to meet anyway.

I've got 15 days left to raise $750 and achieve that all-or-nothing goal.

SO, check out the message (hell, is giving ad space as an extra reward to the normal ones!) and see for yourself if you wanna back me up or not:


So we just got word that as of now, will give AD SPACE ON THEIR WEBSITE to match your donation!

$10 - 1 day
$25 - 3 days
$50 - 5 days
$75 - 7 days (counting a Saturday and Sunday)
$100 - 14 days

Keep in mind it has to be per their advertisement policies. Once it's time to deliver pledge rewards, please make yourself available to speak to a representative from SFN.

Make sure to state that you're donating for the bonus ad space - this is ON TOP of the pledge rewards already listed!

What are ya waitin' for? GO FOR IT!



The Fundraiser and Internuggetathon:

~Thomas Duder, Author of the Things