Wednesday, July 13, 2011


No, seriously, you need to watch the following set of martial-arts movies on Netflix. Why? Because you yourself have no fucking clue what to watch:

Ip Man
Ip Man 2
Ong Bak 2
Ong Bak 3

Now, Ong Bak 1 can be easily ordered via DVD, but by now you've probably already seen it.

Now, I haven't seen Ip Man 2 yet, but Ip Man 1 wasn't bad...and the Ong Bak's are less "Ong Bak" and more "Lightly Tied To The Original Ong Bak Movie Since It's About His Past Life" or something.

Seriously, all you have to worry 'bout is that it is further proof that Tony Jaa is the Martial Arts Messiah. Instead of focusing on his stellar Muy Thai work, it follows his character Tien through betrayal and breakage and delicious vengeance as he becomes a Weapon Master, a brutal killing machine alongside his fellow compatriots known as "The Outlaws of Garuda Wing Cliff." Trained and tested in martial arts and weapons, the fighting is a mere backdrop to the drama inlaid so nicely within the storyline...seriously, after awhile it struck me as secondary to the storyline itself.

Not that the fighting wasn't fuckin' awesome - I mean, c'mon, it's Tony Jaa: Martial Arts Jesus. Hell, the dude's even sports the Jesus full beard after awhile.

Altogether, you can't go wrong with awesome employed violence: these four movies are guaranteed to eat up your afternoon and give ya some awesome dinnertime entertainment.

Information current as of 7/13/11.

Next up: Phantasm! Like...all of 'em! Seriously!!!

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