Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weeaboo Tiem~!

Why hello there, cutie pie~! For those who simply enjoy anime, are hardcore weeaboo or just want to watch sumfin' differ'nt, do I have a coupla awesome entries for YOU to check out!

Do you like horror? Do you like zombies? Do you like zombie hotties that kill other zombies? Then check out the ENTIRE SERIES of Corpse Princess. Seriously, corpse chicks ranging from a cute loli to a buxom boxer (HNNNNNNG!) battling horrific zombie creazoids in order to gain their way into heaven. Dark secrets and twists abound in this 26-episodic yarn. Go on and give it a shot, yah?

Do you like demons? How about xbawks hueg bewbs, a strangely j-poppy soundtrack, little sister lounging in lingerie syndromes (prepare for ONI-CHAAAAN voices), and ONLY SWORDS CAN KILL THEM?! Tokko (with the accent-bar thing over the second o), the entire series. Me personally, I happen to like cop shows (i.e. - Bubblegum Crisis, A.D. Police old skool and the revisit, ROBOCOP, etc.) and this pulls it off pretty well amidst the whole DEMONS and what-not. It's nowhere near Genocyber or Urotsukidoji levels of gorn, but there's quite a bit of viscera and blood splashing around and it should, in the very least, satisfy the cop-freak and action-buff in ya. Hell, it even pulls off enough perv to at least quench yer lust for a bit. At 13 episodes you should eat it up in a coupla days.

I COULD go into detail about these two series, but really wouldn't that destroy the whole idea of watchin' these yerself?!

Just enter this into your search bar:
Corpse Princess (volumes 1 and 2 will show up)

Hell, for a palate cleanser why don't you go watch Robocop? What do you mean you haven't seen Robocop?!!



  1. Needs moar pics! :D I'm so sad that Netflix upped their prices. Guess we won't be getting movies in the mail anymore... :(

  2. @tracirz - HUUUUUUH, I've been actually keeping away from posting pics that I don't personally own or anythin' like that. I mean, is it okay to simply snag a image off of the Googles and use it so long as I give credit or...wah? Y'know?

    We'll see.

    As is GRRRRRNGNRAGSM freakin' Netflix. Yah, I stream everything via Xbawks 360, but still it angers and infuriates me that as soon as I join up with a service it pulls a price switcheroo on me. Screw that, I'll either drop the whole thing or just go streamin'...

    I'm just sayin'. :/