Monday, January 30, 2012

A Little Somethin' Different: The Pen Is My Sword!

Yeaaaaaap. Have you visited my whoreblog, The Pen Is My Sword? I've got quite a few choice literary pieces over there, including the publicly-released write-ups and poetry that I've done lately and awhile back.

Suffice it to say, it's mah litblog. 'Cuz I honestly believe you guys actually READ my walls of text, and might be willing to sit down and read some of my more meaningful stuff.

Speakin' of which, y'see that link? In case ya don't, check this:

Now, I'm still writin' stuff up. BUUUUUT I've already got the Kraze Armada already completely done for starting values and other nonsuch, and I've begun work on their storyline (as well as suggested map routes). At least canon storyflow (depending on what choices you make) will be written up this way, with the rest added on as I go on.

I know I'm coming at this from the viewpoint of a writer, but that's what I do BEST, y'know? Anyway, I can program myself but I'll eventually come to the Internets, my friends, and you guys - my readers - for help with the artwork and beta-testing and double-checkin' shit.

Until then I want to keep workin' at it and ensurin' that it's at least worth your time to read, y'know? For what it's worth, the Kraze Armada (the "Shotoclone" of the game, not inexactly the main good guys but more than likely the one outside of the Krieg the audience will play first) is already shaping up to be pretty cool. Lord knows if you base it on the characters alone they got more than a couple of my faves, but speakin' as the creator and as biased as I am - yeah, there's a favorite or three of mine in each kingdom, even the Goblinate Forces.

Anyway, this blog post is just to whore out my litblog and also highlight the work I've done on Battleworld thus far. As soon as I can actually afford to go to a restaurant, I shall and, naturally, talk about it first here!

OH, do expect a KAOS: Chaos Party Radio post sometime too! It seems like I DID get mentioned by Da Boys, and they even used some of my material!

Fuckin' AWESOME~!

Huh, sorry if this seems EXACTLY like my other posts today - I think it's pretty obvious that I'm pointin' all y'all over to TPIMS, y'know?


~That Bastard


  1. Dude, that blog's been up for a lil' while now. XD

    OH HEY, I don't know if I ever pointed out to you that Netflix streams on yer computer. I know you made mention once that Netflix isn't inexactly out in your area, but hey - that shouldn't matter with the whole streaming over the internet thing.

    Just thought I'd mention it, y'know?

    Catch ya 'round, m'man!

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