Thursday, August 16, 2012


OH MAN was that an interesting hiatus or what?

So you may or may not be thinking I'm going to do something new with Netflix This, y'know? Well, let me abuse that notion right off the bat: I ain't changin' shit.

Even if I don't gain recognition for this little niche blog or whatever have you, or any kinda cash really at all, I enjoy sharing the shit I'm watching with you guys...and if I can make someone's evening pass by a bit nicer with one of my suggestions, then by all means~! 'S all good for me.

So, with that stated, what am I going to slap at you guys for my big-assed return to the scene?

Why a night of AAAAAZN movies. Made by AAAAAASIAAAANS.

Well, in the very least it mostly stars 'em, y'know? Good shit all around, either way.

Muay Thai Giant

Isn't it supposed to be Muy Thai? Oh's still a wonderful romp starring Nathan Jones, otherwise known as THAT HUGE MOTHERFUCKER from The Protector. Dude's a white version of Bob Sapp, only in Thailand instead of Japan. Dude's just EVERYWHERE, I swear, and in this one he dials down the fierceness and becomes what's essentially a huge beefcake version of a pussy...unless he eats spicy Papaya Salad.

Then he HULK RAGES out and pretty much goes on a rampage, whupping everything and everyone's ass.

With size jokes aplenty, this is a feel good kinda family-oriented action-comedy that's gonna make ya happy you checked it out.

Did I happen to mention that it stars Nathan Jones, THE HUGE MOTHERFUCKER from The Protector? I mean, it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't happen to put his character from The Protector side by side with the character from Muay Thai Giant and attempt such an implied connection. Besides, I think the character from The Protector caught an elephant femur shank to the ass and died or somethin'

B.K.O.: Bangkok Knock Out

Saw meets martial arts. No, seriously. This is The Prisoner meets any martial arts flick. A martial arts stunt group competes to snag a place in a movie for their group, only for things to go WAAAAAY sideways.

Because, y'know, rich people just LOVE betting on this kinda shit. A friend is kidnapped, they must go through a series of fights to get friend back, and all sortsa hell breaks loose~!

No, seriously, B.K.O. is a pretty freakin' cool movie with tons going for it in the way of martial arts action. The choreography is tight as hell and the whole thing is just freakin' awesome, especially the all-or-nothing-rumble that goes on between the stunt group and the people they're forced to fight in a warehouse. Honestly, it's all about the sheer variety of fighting styles they pull off, and..well, hell, dig on this trailer and see for yourself!


I've actually freaked out about this before here on Netflix This, and I'm going to freak out about it again. OH GOD YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS, if for no other reason than the adorable little autismal chick. Seriously, it's a movie about a girl with autism who has crazy-insane reflexes, with the ability to catch balls and knives thrown at her head, who can basically learn any martial arts maneuver simply by watching it. When her mother comes down with cancer or somethin' else malignant, she and her adopted brother stumble across the fact that she used to be a money lender and after finding her old books decide to go about collecting those old debts in order to pay for her treatment.

Which naturally leads to each of the deadbeats (who are actually quite well-off, simply stingy and greedy, the bastards) launching their men at them in a brutal attempt to beat them up and send them packing, only for the little autistic girl to go ballistic and whup serious ass.

Climaxes with the awesomest cripple fight ever as the old triad gang her mother ran with steps in with a young boy with full-body Tourettes to whup HER ass and stop her in her tracks. Suffice it to say this creates the single greatest battle ever recorded, and this is including anything I've ever seen with Fist of the North Star.

Simply. Marvelous. Plus Zen is the cutest little badass I've ever seen, hands down.

Well, it's time, OH IT IS TIME friends! Time for The List!

Want to waste away a hot afternoon? Type these into yer search bar:

BKO: Bangkok Knockout
Muay Thai Giant (don't forget that "a" in "muay" now)

Funny story, I actually have a few Netflix This posts written up, which I completely forgot about recently. LOL. Expect 'em up a bit more now that I've actually GOT Netflix workin' again~! Also, you wanna help out a little?

Hang out with me at the usual spots, tell yer friends, actually USE the lists and show them around, yah? It's all about that advertising, and it's kinda cool that YOU can help out a brotha, y'know?

SO, as always re-tweet the tweets, re-post the Faecbawks statuses, and spread the lists around~! You got Netflix? You askin' "What should I watch on Netflix tonight?"

Well, ya boy got the answers to THAT one~!


That Bastard


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